Audio Producer

Transmitter Media

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Senior audio producer for show combining science fiction audio narratives with real science.

  • Pre-interviewed and produced interviews with scientists.

  • Coached and edited fiction writers on narrative story and writing for the audio medium.

  • Cast actors and coached recording sessions.

  • Wove scientist interview tape with fictional audio and wrote continuity.


The Argument

New York Times Opinion

  • Edited episodes for weekly podcast hosted by opinion writers across the political spectrum


“Six Who Sat”

ESPN 30 for 30 Podcasts

  • Webby Award Winner

  • Assisted with production for a story about women runners who protested at the New York City Marathon


The Barneys Podcast

Barneys New York

  • Winner of an Honorable Mention Gracies Award

  • Edited episodes for the second season of this weekly podcast about fashion, culture, and the creative forces behind them.