Audio Producer


Audible Originals, Newark

Senior Audio Producer for audio project hosted by Andrew Solomon (10/17 to Present)

Lead Audio Producer for What Were You Thinking hosted by Dina Temple-Raston (4/17 to 10/17)

●      Conceptualize eight-part audio series about expanding ideas of family and lead producer for six-part series about adolescent brain development and how that affects their decision-making

●      Find characters, research and pitch ideas, record interviews, book guests, plan travel, create organizational systems, manage sound designer and engineer, edit in Pro Tools, voice coach host, give feedback and edit episodes

●      Create relationships with diverse community organizations to help find interview subjects

●      Conduct in depth phone interviews to identify compelling stories within the complexities of families and their history

●      Manage all logistics to record interviews, organize tape, and review recordings

●      Assist host to transition successfully to the audio medium as first-time podcast host including reviewing raw tape and recommending selections to highlight his strengths


WNYC, New York City

Audio Producer for Radio Rookies (4/17 to 10/17), Freakonomics Radio hosted by Stephen Dubner (6/16 to 10/16), On the Media hosted by Brooke Gladstone and Bob Garfield (6/15) and Death, Sex & Money hosted by Anna Sale (1/15 to 5/15)

●      Worked with previously incarcerated young people to tell the story of New York City’s juvenile justice system

●      Identified and mentored “Rookies” to choose a topic, collect tape, write a script, track narration, and edit in Pro Tools

●      Presented at Tempo Documentary Festival Audio Nights in Stockholm, Sweden

●      Researched and booked guests, prepped and conducted interviews, selected tape and scripted narration, and edited in Pro Tools for podcast episodes on one of the consistently top 10 ranked podcasts on iTunes

●      Assembled on-air radio hours from released podcast episodes and transmitted to member stations

●      Piloted a spin-off podcast featuring On the Media host Bob Garfield


Other Audio Production Experience

●      “How a Texan Vine Saved European Wine” for Gravy (6/17)

●      “Talking to Mom About Your Eating Disorder” for NPR’s Latino USA (5/17)

●      Independent Podcast Producer for Feeling Some Type of Way (5/16 to 12/16)

●      On the Road with Beer Sessions Radio for Heritage Radio Network, Brooklyn (4/16 to 11/16)

●      Independent Podcast Producer for Borders Radio (9/15 to 9/16)

●      “Conversion” for ARRVLS podcast (6/16)

●      Strong Opinions Loosely Held Podcast for Refinery29, New York City (12/15 to 6/16)

●      “Ghost Tape Number Ten” for KCRW’s Here Be Monsters (1/16)

●      Saxelby Radio Scholars, Brooklyn (9/14 to 12/15)

●      “A Nigerian Mom and Her Son Explore Tradition and Nutrition” for Feet in 2 Worlds (11/15)

●      “Dog Moms Delight” for Mother: A Podcast (10/15)

●      “Shakespeare in Detroit” for Rendered podcast (5/15)

●      “An Apple A Day” for Sound Medicine WFYI (12/14)

●      Heritage Radio Network, Brooklyn (2/14 to 12/15)

●      The Moth, Brooklyn (2/14 to 6/14)


High School Teaching and Counseling Experience

●      Speech and Composition teacher at KIPP NYC College Prep High School, New York City (7/12 to 6/13)

●      English teacher with Teach For America at Roosevelt and Vashon High Schools, Saint Louis (7/09 to 5/12)

●      Staff leader for VISIONS Service Adventures, Dominican Republic (06/15 to 08/15)

●      College counselor at Options For College, New York City (06/13 to 02/14)


Pitzer College, Claremont, CA (5/09)

●      Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies Film/Video and Social and Cultural Anthropology with Honors with Spanish Minor

●      3.86 GPA

●      Study Abroad in South Korea (Fall 2007) and Quito, Ecuador (Spring 2007)